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Consulting Team Talent Senior Manager

Boston Consulting Group

Boston Consulting Group

People & HR
San Francisco, CA, USA
Posted on Sunday, June 9, 2024


Consulting Team Talent Senior Managers act as holistic owners of the Consulting Team employment experience with a close focus on the business needs of BCG and the professional development of our consulting staff.
Talent Senior Managers drive overall objectives of the business (e.g. team balance and staff
utilization), identify patterns across the cohort and use that knowledge to drive strategies and support individuals in their staffing and developmental needs. In addition, this role is a member of the larger consulting talent team community in North America.


  • Optimize the deployment of a specific cohort(s) of consulting resources to meet our business needs while ensuring that each consulting staff member in the cohort(s) receives access to the right set of opportunities to support their immediate BCG Career Development objectives and their overall long-term professional goals
  • Optimize team design, billability and achievement of business priorities through a deep awareness of current available skills, cases, leads/proposals, and office/firm goals; maintain a view of staffing pipeline at a macro and micro level (overall business outlook as well as specific staffing needs)
  • Build strong relationships with Consulting Team staff to understand development needs, preferences and constraints for staffing; discuss upcoming projects; advise on staffing choices to achieve balance between BCG's business needs and personal preferences if possible; communicate staffing decisions and related rationale; set and enforce staffing policies and expectations
  • Maintain an acute awareness of business environment; openly communicate information relative to case opportunities with individuals and with Partners and teams looking to confirm staff to projects
  • Coordinate with local, system, regional, and global staffing teams; participate in weekly North America staffing call and as a member of the NAMR Staffing team

Business Partner:
  • Weigh staffing decisions with financial implications on local and regional revenue
  • Partner closely with the Finance team to uphold fair and consistent application of case management and finance principles in staffing decisions
  • Act as a business partner to case team leadership, helping them understand how staffing moves impact case team economics
  • Manage office and individual billability via effective oversight of revenue recognition for entire roster of consultants

Career Development:
  • Actively engage in all CDC (Career Development Committee) meetings for relevant cohort(s) of individuals; review meeting inputs and outputs; provide committee with market view of performance, and calibrate Advisors during meeting, ensuring best practices and consistent CDC decisions for relevant cohort(s)
  • Act as strategic thought partner with CD Head(s) and CD Ops team to drive functional agenda; provide leadership for committee(s) in partnership with CD Ops team on matters such as committee composition, training, and quality
  • Partner with Advisors to communicate CDC outcomes with individuals; reinforce and interpret meeting outcomes, provide ongoing advice, and help guide counsel out discussions; understand and appreciate the values of BCG and work to preserve these values in interpreting and resolving career development issues
  • Reinforce CD messages through staffing and development discussions to aid individual and cohort development
  • Implement consistent policies and procedures in line with regional and global guidelines on promotion timing, promotion criteria and termination

Career experience & navigation:
  • Motivate, help to develop, and provide coaching and advice to all members of the team
  • Coach and guide consulting staff throughout their employment lifecycle on career options and opportunities; act as a trusted advisor to guide individuals into mutually beneficial outcomes
  • Understand and communicate key programs including career services and flexibility; coordinate use of programs to balance employee needs and business priorities
  • Partners with local leadership to set and execute mobility strategy for office CT staff annually, considering business needs and capacity constraints

Liaison across People Function:
  • Actively engage with candidates and hires early in their BCG experience; participate in the conversion process; adapt early experiences to meet likely development needs in first cases
  • Work with HR team to resolve issues faced by individuals; contribute thought leadership on initiatives crucial to addressing people issues
  • Drive optimal case team experience via partnership with BCG’s Teaming@BCG team
  • Actively engage in summer intern program by pairing interns with the right case teams to provide a positive and developmental summer experience
  • Manage transition support through effective communication, working closely with HR team

Cohort strategy & engagement:
  • Manages affiliation / integration programs in partnership with local office support (e.g., class deans, section leaders)
  • Identifies and raises issues across cohort, ensuring they are being address
  • Monitor staff activity and participation in key aspects of morale, retention and affiliation (e.g., integration and affiliation programs, red zone reports, PTO support, etc.)
  • Provide analytic support and ownership over projects related to office People Team, including but not limited to annual PEOPLE Survey and pyramid planning

Diversity and Inclusion:
  • Ensures all have fair access to all staffing opportunities; play an active role in helping create and influence diversity on case teams
  • Partner closely with diversity network owners and mentors to drive and support inclusion efforts for individuals and across networks
  • Drive proactive retention through efforts such as leading Segment of One discussions, ensuring successful deployment and development on early cases, and providing program input based on individual needs


  • Advanced Degree (Masters, MBA, JD, PhD, etc.) preferred
  • Prior consulting experience is highly preferred in order to ensure a deep understanding of our target audience's needs and skills in their roles
  • 10+ years’ total work experience
Key Competencies:
  • Candidates must be able to perform successfully in a fast-paced, global, intellectually intense, service-oriented environment, keeping with BCG's values and culture
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, ability to communicate with all organizational levels inside and outside BCG through establishing positive, unbiased and productive working relationships
  • Able to engender trust from senior local and regional leadership as well as more junior resources, and serve as a broker or liaison between the two groups
  • Strong communication skills; able to communicate confidently, articulately; able to influence multiple stakeholders to adopt a new point of view and be simultaneously flexible with adjusting own perspective in light of new information or constraints
  • Maturity and seasoning that engenders respect and trust from others; good judgment, professionalism, strong interpersonal skills and a collaborative style
  • High integrity, tact, a positive attitude, and an ability to maintain absolute confidentiality
  • Comfortable in resolving conflict, delivering difficult messages with empathy and addressing all people related issues
  • A quick study; a can-do attitude; a creative solution seeker with a readiness to try new approaches; decisive, pragmatic, and reason-minded
  • Quick to learn BCG policies, practices, structure, and how decisions are made
  • An active team player with strong organizational, analytical, and project management skills
  • Comfortable in both working in detail and understanding the big picture; able to consider the ramifications of decisions on various constituencies
  • Autonomous, able to tolerate ambiguity, self-motivated


In this role, you will partner with other Talent Senior Managers and the local office Business Management Senior Director to support the consulting cohorts, focusing on the needs of the firm, cohort and individuals.


This role currently requires 3 days a week in office presence. This provides flexibility the remaining 40% of the work week. This hybrid work plan allows for critically important learning, collaboration and networking with our colleagues. Specific days in the office are agreed upon by the team.