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Utility Technician - Stationary Engineer



West Point, PA, USA
Posted on Friday, May 17, 2024

Job Description

Essential functions of the position include, but are not limited to the following:

FUNCTION: Including but not limited to

  • Under the supervision of the Maintenance and Utilities Supervisor and direction of the maintenance team leader, operates, monitors, maintains, and responds to alarms of building utility systems including water chillers, cooling towers, condenser water, high purity water treatment (softeners, de-ionizing and reverse osmosis units and stills), clean steam, building steam and condensate, compressed air and vacuum systems.

  • Maintains logs, necessary paperwork, and completes documentation in a cGMP compliant fashion.

  • Documents work activities completely through work orders and daily labor record.

  • Stationary engineers will perform maintenance on any equipment or facility which their skills support in a compliant quality manner.

  • Stationary engineers are part of the Utilities Technician work group and will primarily share work assignments within their job grouping with no inherent or “system imposed” limits.

  • Based on business needs, Utilities Technicians will perform maintenance activities including crossing between job groupings where skills are common.

  • Work assignments, buildings and equipment are not exclusive to any craft, job grouping, or employee.

  • Position may include some responsibility for maintaining significant business systems (e.g. CMMS data, planning, procurement, and scheduling) including the authority to assign, coordinate, and maintain work for others.

EQUIPMENT: Including but not limited to

Compressors, pumps, electric generators, package boilers, distilled water stills, water cooling towers, deionized water units, reverse osmosis units, water softeners, clean steam generators, condensate, equipment, vacuum pumps, heating equipment, water chillers, chemical treatment and testing equipment, computer-aided control/management systems catalytic oxidizers, and all other equipment necessary for the operation of building utility systems.

DUTIES: Including but not limited to

  • Maintains proper pressures and temperature in the operation of heating and cooling equipment, including chillers, cooling towers, perimeter heat, reheat, etc. systems to meet variable load conditions.

  • Maintains appropriate oil, glycol and cooling water parameters as required by utility systems.

  • Chemically cleans heat exchangers and circulating systems, adhering to department safety requirements.

  • Operates distilled water, deionized water, reverse osmosis, water softener, water pretreatment, and reheat systems.

  • Troubleshoots and routinely maintains, regenerates, acid cleans, adds or changes resin, and disinfects these systems as necessary.

  • Monitors capacity, adequacy of utility services, and quality to insure proper operation of this equipment.

  • Adheres to cGMP requirements applicable to these systems.

  • Maintains operation of high purity water systems to provide pressure, quantity, and quality in accordance with production and cGMP requirements. Insures proper operation of gauges/instrumentation (temperature, flow, conductivity, resistivity, pH, pressure, etc.) and changes recorder charts as necessary.

  • Conducts daily tours of utility equipment and reports problems concerning instrumentation and control.

  • Maintains records of operating details, including daily shift reports and logs, to provide shift-to-shift communications between both supervisory and stationary engineer personnel.

  • Works with supervisory, engineering, and customer personnel to assure proper operation, maintenance and repair of utility equipment.

  • Prepares utility equipment and systems for modifications and/or tie-ins performing necessary shutdowns and isolation of valves following safe hazardous energy control procedures.

  • Returns systems to normal operation.

  • Performs routine testing of water systems, cooling tower water, closed loop cooling and heating systems.

  • Maintains necessary chemical treatment at specified parameters, e.g. level, pH, conductivity, etc.

  • Performs necessary operation and maintenance checks to insure that building utility related systems are operating as efficiently (energy consumption, water use, etc.) as possible, with minimum losses and optimum applied capacity.

  • Maintains utility equipment in good operating condition as it applies to oily, packing, cleaning, adjustments, and safety conditions.

  • Performs preventive and corrective maintenance and emergency repairs as required by the equipment and systems for which responsible to provide continued utility system operation.

  • Ensures the proper housekeeping conditions are maintained in mechanical rooms via proper storage of equipment and supplies. Performs miscellaneous clean up as necessary.

  • Operates two-way radio communications for normal, alarm, and emergency dispatch in a professional manner.

  • Responds to WPMS alarms as required in a timely and professional manner.

  • Operates computer workstations for monitoring and operational status of equipment and systems where applicable.

  • Provides guidance to General Workers and Maintenance personnel when working jointly on assignments.

  • Performs all duties necessary to ensure that the quality and quantity of service is maintained via proper operating conditions throughout the Building Utility area.

  • Completes department training requirements, e.g., orientation, SOP, safety, etc. as direct by supervision.

  • Attends and actively participates in HAZOPS, waste walkthroughs, Kaizen events, or any other operations, lean six-sigma, quality, safety or environmental training/initiative as required.

  • Prepares and assists technicians, supervisors and planners in preparing labor and material estimates.

  • Assists supervising with the assigning, scheduling and prioritization of work order requests using maintenance management system.

  • Makes recommendations and prepares orders for spare parts, additional stock room items, tools, etc.

  • Consults with Supervision and other mechanics on problem resolution/troubleshooting.

  • Keeps Supervision informed of problem issues.

  • Write, execute, and complete safety permits.

Minimum education required:

High School Diploma or Equivalent (GED)


State Stationary Engineer Seal or equivalent certification


Graduation from a recognized/accredited trade school, community college, or equivalent programs with at least six (6) months full-time emphasis (5 hours/day x 5 days/week) in industrial power plant and refrigeration equipment operations (Power plant operation or HVAC)


Verified Military training equivalent to a recognized/accredited trade school program

Courses in high purity water, cooling towers, water treatment, reverse osmosis, steam utilization.

Required experience:

Three years recent (within last 7 years) full-time experience (6,000 hours) operating industrial power plant equipment and controls (examples include: chillers, cooling towers, air compressors, and water treatment equipment). A basic understanding of chemical and water treatment and computer use is required.


Three years recent (within the last 7 years) full-time military experience operating power plant equipment and controls.


Held the position of Stationary Engineer at our company in West Point within the last seven years.


Recent experience operating:

  • Centrifugal chillers (electrical and turbine driven) greater than 600 tons

  • Air compressors and desiccant air dryers greater than 250 cfm

  • High purity (WFI and USP grade) water system equipment including reverse osmosis, deionization, vapor compression and multi-effect distillation units.

Operational experience in the emergency/building electrical generators and hands-on experience with hazardous energy control (Lockout/Tagout) procedures.

Equipment or Machinery Operated:

Air compressors, refrigerated and desiccant air dryers, package boilers, water softeners, deionizers or demineralizers, reverse osmosis and installation equipment, clean steam generators, electrical and turbine driven centrifugal chillers, absorption chillers, water cooling towers, condensate equipment, vacuum pumps, catalytic oxidizers, closed-loop building water systems and chemical treatment and testing equipment, and all other equipment necessary for the operation of building utilities systems.

Special Skills or Abilities:

Ability to analyze equipment and take appropriate corrective measures. Ability to read blueprints, control drawings, P&IDs, etc. Familiarization with valve, mechanical equipment, maintenance, and instrumentation and control procedures.

Special Job Features:

Heavy lifting, use and handling of solvents, acid and bases and heat transfer media, work in hot and cold, dust and dirt environments, subject to immunization, safety shoes and glasses, subject to emergency call-in, working in confined spaces and at heights, possible work in areas of potentially infectious agents, and available at all times during work shift to answer emergencies.


Required to take immunizations as prescribed by our company's Health Services Department.

Must wear Company issued uniform per our company's SOP.

Position is subject to a probationary period.





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