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Coordinador EP - PV1



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León, Spain
Posted on Wednesday, February 7, 2024
Coordinador EP - PV1

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The domain of safety is managed and developed on the site:

  • The external and internal requirements of the domain are identified (regulatory watch and prescriptions). Based on gap analyses, action plans are proposed. The guarantee of the site's compliance with internal regulations and requirements is controlled.
  • The site has relevant and exhaustive risk analyses and action plans are defined.
  • In the context of design projects, the purchase of new machines, technical transformations of equipment or organizational changes in jobs, the position of the site safety specialist is defined and transmitted to the project team in the form of an “Avis EP”.
  • The current operating anomalies in the domain are analysed and taken into account. The necessary alerts are transmitted.
  • Good practices are shared within the site and across the country. The site safety specialist participates in or leads the business meetings of his network.
  • The annual review of the domain is presented by the site safety specialist during the EP Management Sytem Review of the site.
  • The safety specialist is the leader in his domain in terms of team support, management system and site events: steering committees, bib events, training.
  • External and internal partners are identified, and the safety specialist is the site's referent in these networks.
  • Technical support in the domain will be provided in the event of an audit (EP Management system or other audit/inspection) and in the event of a crisis impacting the area.
  • If necessary, specific projects in the field will be conducted in the form of transversal management (T-shape for example).
  • Where possible, participation in audits of other sites or even the conduct of audits will be entrusted to the site's safety specialist.
  • Where possible, the coordination of the domain at the country level will be carried out by the site safety specialist, under the guidance of the time zone.

This job is no longer accepting applications

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