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Spencer Stuart

Spencer Stuart

Sales & Business Development
Dubai - United Arab Emirates
Posted on Thursday, May 9, 2024

Position Summary

Associates are expected to work pro-actively and efficiently on multiple client engagements through the combination of solid project management skills, proactive and quality search execution, ownership mentality and strong, team-oriented delivery to specific client needs. Each assignment is driven by a team, including at a minimum a Consultant, Associate and Executive Assistant. There are times when an Associate may be working with multiple team members located in different geographies.

Executive search skill sets include strong communication and assessment abilities applied to evaluating business experiences and professional competencies of top executive talent as they relate to a client’s specific need. Successful candidates for the Associate position will also have project management ability, results orientation, rigorous attention to details, intellectual curiosity and enjoy the challenge of working internally with a variety of consultants, and externally with diverse, senior-level executives and board members. Associates will be expected to acquire deep and insightful candidate pool knowledge over time which would be related to a specific industry, function or geography.


Reports to

Director of Associates/Research Director or Practice Leader (depending on region)

Associate Practice Leader (if applicable to region)

Consultants (on assignment/engagement basis)

Other Key Relationships

Practice Leader/Practice Members

Office Manager

Analysts, Associates, Senior Associates and Consultants Firm-wide

Search Coordinators/Executive Assistants/LAS Project Managers

Knowledge Managers & Practice/Knowledge Analysts

Global Information Services/European Knowledge Services


  • Contribute actively to the start-up phase of the search by participating in client kick-off meetings with the Consultant(s) and assisting in the development of the search strategy and target list of companies. As appropriate contribute to winning client pitches by providing benchmark candidate profiles and other background information.
  • Gather relevant information regarding the appropriate industries and target companies, including identifying potential prospects and sources.
  • Represent client effectively in the marketplace and present a comprehensive universe of qualified candidates by partnering with the Consultant(s) and observing aspects of confidentiality throughout the search process. Anticipate needs to drive the search to closure and be prepared to supply additional information, such as related industry trends, market findings, reaction to the opportunity, compensation data, etc., gained during the course of a search.
  • Communicate effectively with the search team, including Consultant(s), other Associates/Senior Associates and Executive Assistant(s) and remain fully abreast of search developments in order to communicate accurately and credibly regarding the assignment.
  • Prepare organized information for the client progress report/meeting by teaming with the Consultant(s) and the Executive Assistant(s). Provide an informed perspective on prospects/candidates and how they line up against the key selection criteria outlined by the client.
  • Ensure up to date assignment, company and candidate information during the course of an assignment is always available for colleagues, by leveraging technology and information from the Firm’s state-of-the-art, proprietary database (Quest), recording all relevant candidate details using the Initial Assessment function.
  • Be aware of activities and changes in general business and in the industry/functional areas where specialized. Add to the Firm’s knowledge by identifying and beginning to develop expertise in a defined industry, functional or geographic candidate pool.
  • Be willing and proactive about contributing to local, practice or Firm-wide initiatives. Coordinate and share practice related information to the KM for potentially broader distribution, participate in practice calls and meetings as appropriate.
  • Adopt and adhere diligently to Firm policies and standards for candidate validation, documentation and assessment as well as demonstrating professional behavior and living our values (including adherence to Red Book, Quest policies etc.)


University Graduate

College degree preferred.

A minimum of 5 years of experience

In a consulting or executive search environment and/or a role where multiple projects and competing demands are the norm.

Domain or Subject Matter Expertise

Domain expertise in an industry or functional area (or subject expertise applicable to LAS) would be helpful.


International mind set and ideally will have experience in working across borders.

Fluency in English (written and spoken); additional language skills will be an advantage, particularly in markets where the knowledge of one or more of the national languages is important.


Project Management

Plans, manages and drives own efforts to identify and develop a slate of quality candidates as measured by consultant, client and candidate feedback. The successful Associate will do this while handling multiple projects with competing deadlines, working with individuals who have differing styles, and managing challenging expectations:

  • Takes an end-to-end view of each project & the required resources; works at pace and with attention to detail while managing competing deadlines and priorities; has a sense of urgency.
  • Understands the search process (from internal kick-off to referencing); asks questions to understand; and is proactive.
  • Works on multiple projects; meets deadlines and is resilient under pressure; delivers on commitments on time or notifies as early as possible if deadlines will slip.
  • Demonstrates enthusiasm, tenacity and intellectual curiosity; action-oriented; deals with problems immediately.
  • Is results focused and flexible; demonstrates a strong work ethic.

Candidate Development

Develops qualified and interested candidates for portfolio of searches. A successful Associate will develop excellence in search strategy to build strong contact management lists:

  • Observes and asks questions to fully understand the issue; synthesizes information from a variety of internal/external sources, despite possibly having ambiguous or incomplete information.
  • Gathers relevant data from a variety of sources, including views gathered through Third Party Sourcing (TPS), to help determine broad capabilities, gaps, qualifications/fit; articulates reasons for fit to spec in a succinct manner.
  • Determines priority of which potential candidates to approach.
  • Adds meaningful notes on Quest, diligently uses the initial assessment feature.

Credibility and Influence

Communicates effectively both in writing and verbally; has "gravitas" (executive presence) and is able to build relationships. Able to hook candidates and convince consultants to meet them, building a strong internal brand:

  • Interacts with a range of internal and external stakeholders and candidates with differing styles and egos, understanding and appreciating what is important to each.
  • Becomes a credible and authentic professional by observing colleagues and emulating role models.
  • Adapts verbal and written communications according to expectations for role and audience, specifically how to be confident, succinct, concise, prepared and professional.

Market and Candidate Knowledge

Obtains and incorporates knowledge to enhance client work in a meaningful way. Knows how to get information, effectively uses the available firm resources, developing and sharing candidate pool knowledge:

  • Identifies executive movements in the market and updates Quest (ideally in real time) and colleagues; asks questions and shows interest in networking.
  • Has a genuine interest in/curiosity about people and businesses; and has an understanding of businesses and their interrelationships.
  • Understands how to identify and navigate the various relevant sources available (Quest, Passport, Global Information Services, Hoovers, LinkedIn, etc.).

Developing self and others

Develops self and others; seeks and provides feedback, modifies own performance or behavior based on feedback. A successful Associate is constantly growing, learning and enhancing his/her skills and capabilities:

  • Seeks and is open to feedback from colleagues, placing value on self development efforts; seeks opportunities for growth.
  • Is self-aware and open to changing one’s own behavior.

Firm Values

Champions the Firm’s values, culture and Code of Conduct; engages, participates and collaborates with others. A successful Associate, who people like working with and who may over time also have a leadership role:

  • Accepts others’ opinions and encourages teamwork.
  • Brings cultural awareness and sensitivity to each interaction with colleagues.
  • Participates actively and contributes to internal activities; engages with office and practice.
  • Represents Spencer Stuart well by speaking positively about the Firm and aligning behavior to Firm values.
  • Conducts themselves in a way that is consistent with the Firm’s values.